Name Description Last Update Issues
beerAn ontology about Beer, it's styles and ingredients.2021/3/240
cerealstooAn ontology about cereals with a special focus on those used to create malts.2021/2/170
hopsAn OWL ontology about hops and its uses2021/07/300
maltAn ontology about malts and its uses2021/3/240
Beverage Graph
Beverage Graph is an ontology and knowledge graph focused on beverages, their styles, brands and the packaging in which they are commercially available. Initially created to support commercial brewing activities, it has been made available for public use and linking into other knowledge graphs. Data loading progress: 1.96%
Data Availability
Format Size Last Update
SPARQL Server 194,568,442 Triples2023-01-10
rdf/xml Data Dump (GZ)4.01G2023-01-10
Turtle Data Dump (GZ)2.81G2023-01-10
ntriples Data Dump (GZ)4.78G2023-01-10